Real estate agency focus: working with design professionals!

I have been dealing professionally with real estate long enough now to know that literally every human on the planet already has 'their' agent.  It's an overloaded and competitive space to work within, and I'm not the type of person to only play a game in order to win for winning's sake.  I like to get into the philosophy of a game, the intrinsic - sometimes poetic - details that make an activity worth doing.  (obviously, baseball is my game of choice....and I always cheer for the underdog)  To find my place in real estate, then, has been a challenge.  I don't care about my volume, or about beating out the other guy, or about sticking it to the other side of the table.  I admittedly get lost in the challenge of knowing the emotions of a client, the house itself, the motivations involved, and the personal goals driving both sides of the negotiations.  The challenge for me, then, has been to observe and listen and figure out where I can best fit into this space.  As I focused on finding my 'place', I started thinking about how I've encountered friends/acquaintences/etc that are from my design past(and present, as well) that have sold or bought houses in recent years.  Some of them went the solo route, just using an attorney and doing the search best they could on their own, some have gone the traditional route and just felt that it was crappy but 'whatever', and others felt they just used the agent to do their bidding for them.  It made me realize that THIS is a problem made for my particular combination of skills and experience.  If you are a creative person with design experience, if  you have gotten your hands dirty before and want to do it again, or if you want to work with someone that understands the kind of project you like and the canvas you need to complete it, then your home sale and search will be more successful if you work with a real estate agent that comes from a similar background.  I'm not in this to make a quota, to close a deal with a team member in my office, or to make top producer.  I'm in this to solve puzzles and make matches.

I've been fortunate to have had clients that worked with me to find the perfect home and then kept me on to complete the renovations, as well as flip a few of my own properties.  The process of finding the right home to transform/update/renovate is not the same as finding a move-in ready dream home.  The team of agent and buyer needs to be aligned in their willingness to think beyond the criteria of what 'buyers want' when looking for that perfect place.  If members of the team are coming at the process from different angles, time is wasted and opportunities can be missed.  I know my architect, designer, and DIY enthusiast friends and contacts are out there, and YOU are looking for that next project, that chance to work those creative muscles.  I am looking for that partner in crime who wants to get their hands dirty, increase their investment, and create something they can look back on and be proud of.  If you have any questions about teaming up with me, please reach out and I can provide references, project recaps, and answer as many questions as you can throw at me.  Let's get to work!!